“In the beginning there was a great dream: here in the hills of Piedmont, in sun-blessed Monferrato, it comes true, year after year. Here the exquisite grapes for our exclusive Val di Luna wines ripen. Every bottle tells its own story. And yet each of these stories begins with the dream of my grandfather Antonio.”
Luigi Carlini, wine producer and grandson of Antonio Cozzi


My Grandfather Antonio spent his every spare minute outdoors, and even though he was a stockbroker by trade, his heart was tied to the land from his studies in Agronomy in his younger years, which sent him to Africa in the 1930’s. He loved fishing, hunting, and endless walks in the lovely hills of Piedmont, and he loved the excellent wines of this region.


Despite being successful in his post-war career he held on to a secret dream: “One day I want to own my own vineyard. …and produce wines that are as good as I like to drink them.” Antonio was nearly 80 when he went for a walk in the hills of Monferrato on an autumn evening.


Later he told me, his grandson, “The countryside that night was like a moonlit dream. As I walked through the twilight mazy route, I turned into a narrow path and suddenly I saw it shining under the moonlight, like a spotlight – my dream, my vineyard.” A few weeks later, the land was purchased, and became family property. Unfortunately, Antonio never managed to see his dream come true. …but he had bestowed to our family two things: the vineyard, and his great dream.

In the gentle hills of Monferrato in southern Piedmont time flows slowly. Wine has been cultivated here for centuries. The climate is mild and the sun is especially good for the grapes. The calcareous soil also allows the vines enough time to grow. The process is slow but perfection takes time. No wonder that some of the finest Italian wines come from this region. Our Val di Luna wines are no exception.

We wanted to make my grandfather Antonio’s dream come true: We set out to produce wines that are honest yet complex. Wines that people like to drink with family and best friends. Wines that evoke memories and stories within us. We are proud to have acquired Ernestino Laiolo, a great and experienced winemaker for Val di Luna. In this way we have brought together passion with traditional winemaking skills to make our dream come true.

Val di Luna stands for excellent quality wines from the heart of Piedmont, the traditional wine growing region of Monferrato. Here we produce our red wine Barbera D’Asti Superiore DOCG “Bric Del Cedrone” and our white wine “Val di Luna” When it comes to production, we make only 3,000 bottles of each wine per year. It’s not about quantity, but about class. If our wine is a story, it is the kind of story you want to never end, as you savour every detail, every unexpected twist and every last drop. “

Bric del Cedrone Barbera d’Asti Superiore 2017

For hundreds of years the Barbera grape variety has been cultivated in the hills of Monferrato. The heat during the day and the cool nights enhance the typical fruity taste of the grapes. Our Barbera d’Asti matures for 12 months, six of them in oak barrels. We are proud of this powerful, ruby red wine with few tannins. With its fruity-fine aromas of heart cherry, blueberry and plum, it goes perfectly with red meat, mushrooms or strong cheese.

DOCG limited edition – 0,75 cl


Val di Luna Viognier 2019

Originally the Viognier grape comes from France. But our sunny climate and the calcareous soil in Piedmont bring out the best in the grape. The golden yellow vines give the wine its intense colour. Our Val di Luna Viognier is low in acidity and smells of ripe apricots and peach. But floral notes also come to the fore. Best served with fish dishes, white meat or well seasoned food.

DOC – 0,75 cl


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